Increase the Income From Your Land

Your land is more valuable than ever. If you’re interested in generating a regular income from your land as well as creating clean, renewable energy, then setting up a solar farm could be perfect for you. Using your land for solar power production can result in a steady, reliable income per acre, while boosting the local community and helping to cut carbon emissions across the country.

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Solar panels


Guaranteed long-term rental period up to 30+ years


Capitalised upfront payment *based on a compliant solar farm’


Contribute to the creation of over 100 jobs during solar farm construction

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According to the IEA, the target is to achieve 2000 solar farms in 2020 in the UK. Which means that your land is more valuable now than ever.

The benefits

Can I Set Up A Solar Farm?

If your land is between 25-100 acres, relatively flat and mostly free from shading, it could be exactly what we’re looking for. Our solar farms are developed to meet strict planning requirements while preserving your land and wildlife wherever possible. Plants can still thrive and sheep can still graze. Meaning you can benefit from existing agriculture while generating clean, renewable energy. Resulting in two revenue streams from one piece of land for years to come.

  • Stable income stream paid per acre, per annum or lump-sum payment
  • Rent a portion of your land to maintain your existing agriculture
  • Economic boost for your local community
  • Quiet, low-impact, sustainable energy source
  • Clean, safe and healthy environment for grazing
  • Attract new wildlife with natural ecological measures

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How it works

How Do Our Land Rental Agreements Work?

Our standard lease agreement is for a 30-year period, giving you a guaranteed, long-term revenue stream. Rental payments are made quarterly in advance, even before panel installation begins. All payments are index-linked meaning they'll rise annually with inflation and also come with the option to receive 30-year payments in advance.

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    Step One

    We issue an exclusivity agreement (EA) and calculate your payment options

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    Step Two

    We gather costs for exporting electricity to the grid and determine the position of the connection point

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    Step Three

    We submit for planning permission and you’ll be pleased to know we have a 100% success record for planning applications

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    Step Four

    Once planning permission is received, we exercise the option to lease and commence your payments

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Why choose us?

How Industria Resources Has Made An Impact

Our directors and staff have completed over 500MW of solar farms, either connected directly to the grid or dedicated to some of the UK’s largest and well-known companies such as BT, Coca Cola and Tetley Tea. That’s the equivalent of powering 140,000 homes. We currently have over 400MW of projects in our pipeline and our electrical and thermal schemes have saved over 500,000 tonnes of CO2 with Ofgem in the last 24 months.

Solar panels on a solar farm

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